By effective planning and communication with both shift leaders and other directors, this position monitors the operational needs of the business and delivers effective and efficient operational excellence through financial, logistical, and personnel management skills. This individual must possess the skills necessary and the desire to deliver a remark-able experience to each customer through the efforts of the individual team members and the planning and execution of a productive shift.


Through the collective efforts of the personnel in the Back-of-House, and the use of quality-centric metrics, this position monitors the preparation, rotation, and assembly of all food products within the production environment. This individual must exhibit strong planning and management skills to monitor all production systems for progressive improvement and communicate any corrective action necessary to preserve the Chick-fil-A standard of quality while maintaining efficient operations.



With proper communication, competent management skills, and proactive planning, this position meets the personnel demands of the business by both managing an adequate supply of labor force and maintaining a positive work environment for all team members. This individual is able to assess and address both the performance shortfalls and apparent strengths in each employee and provide the necessary initiatives and education for personnel development.

By effectively planning and managing a continuing education program that both satisfies the needs of the foodservice industry and develops management and leadership skills in key positions, this position sets up the business for present and future success. With a focus on acquiring and developing talent to lead the business, this position proactively manages the development of current leaders while recruiting potential leaders from both within the business and those inquiring from without.

By coordinating all the efforts of the Human Resources team, this position monitors both the staffing needs of the business and the positive work environment by assisting in the planning and execution of all personnel-related disciplines. This individual must exhibit excellent management and communication skills as they plan for any adjustment in labor force, maintain internal and external job postings, and monitor all personnel-related procedures to ensure compliance with all legal and ethical guidelines.


With the use of the Emotional Marketing Connections model, this individual strives to increase restaurant sales through promotions and events both within the restaurant and in the surrounding community. By leveraging the corporate promotions, and continuously developing local strategic practices, this individual exhibits strong management and planning skills to intentionally connect with the surrounding community and all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A®.

By demonstrating an eye for detail, and respecting the time-sensitive nature of a payment schedule, this position keeps the financial area of the business running smoothly. Accounts payable and receivable are the external responsibilities of the position while payroll is the primary internal responsibility.

This position maintains a macro view of the business by continually assessing whether current the needs are being met and assists in the implementation of projects that enhance the effectiveness of the efforts of all involved. This position requires an individual who has the necessary planning and management skills to not only administer, but also assist others in multiple projects simultaneously to maximize time and resources.


This entry-level position is the crux of the business’ success and maintaining a positive work environment by executing great customer service to our guests. This individual not only seeks to continuously improve in their assigned area, but exhibits an effort to cultivate their role in supporting other team members.



We are seeking marketing interns to work alongside our marketing team and serve the communities of Mauldin and Simpsonville. The marketing intern will learn about marketing through various activities including (but not limited to) interacting with customers, working on store events, creating displays, and initiating store promotions/incentives. The successful candidate must possess the following attributes:

• People person – skilled at interacting with adults and children
• Self-starter – able to work independently to accomplish tasks
• Flexible – willing to change tasks and/or take on new tasks as needed
• Creative – capable of offering innovative ideas and concepts

The typical marketing internships is 10-15 hours per week for eight weeks. Hours must be flexible to include some mornings, days, and evenings.


We are currently not accepting applications for Operational Internships.  If you would like for us to contact you when the application process reopens then please feel free to submit your information and we will be in touch.



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