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Work that matters. People who care.
Care. Contribute. Have Fun!
We are passionate about the opportunity we have to impact millions of lives each year. Our team members care about people, thrive in a high energy workplace and take pride in their pursuit of excellence. At Mauldin, Simpsonville & NE Main St, we strive to be a place where our people feel a sense of belonging and are valued as individuals. We promote transparency, inclusiveness, and trust. We celebrate personal milestones as well as team goals. At Chick-fil-A, we are family.
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Matt's Story
Matt's Story


Believe in
Your Neighbor
Treat others with honor,
dignity, and respect.
Be a team player.
Be optimistic.


Expect Excellence
Demonstrate initiative by anticipating needs.
Be reliable and on time.
Leave drama at the door.
Keep a professional appearance.


Serve With
Your Heart
Put customers first.
Be humble.
Be honest.
Manage your time.


Teach and
Be Taught
Continually learn and improve.
Communicate effectively.
Be open-minded and willing to try new roles.
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